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(701) mm_saveLayersAs
Posted by on 13 February 2011 (GST)


Last Update: 13/02/2011

What is it?
Enhanced version of my Layers2LXO script. Supports exporting individual mesh layers to separate files in various different formats. Additionally, it's possible to export just the mesh layer, the exported scenes contain no extraneous items (cameras, lights, render outputs, materials/shaders etc). Output formats supported are:

FBX & FBX 2006

How to install:
  1. Download and unzip
  2. From modo's 'System' menu choose either 'Open User Configs Folder' or 'Open User Scripts Folder' (it doesn't matter which) to open either the configs or scripts directory in Explorer/Finder.
  3. Copy/move the mm_saveLayersAs folder into whichever user folder you opened in the previous step. Make sure you copy the whole 'mm_saveLayersAs ' folder not just the files inside it.
  4. Restart modo.


In the right click context menu in the item list, at the bottom, you'll find an entry called 'Export Layers As ...'. Selecting that will show a pop-ip menu with a couple of options:

'Save All Layers' - when checked all mesh layers will be exported, when unchecked only the currently selected layers will be exported.

'format' - set the output format

'Save Only Meshes' - When checked, cameras, lights, render outputs etc are cleared from the exported scene and no materials are exported. When unchecked, layers are exported with their materials/shaders and the exported scene has a default set of lights, cameras etc. You'll want to have this checked.

When you click the 'Export' button a directory dialog is shown to choose the output location and the layers will be exported.