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(401) sIBL to Environment Preset converter
Posted by on 18 June 2009 (GST)
mm_sIBLToModoEnvironment v1.01
What is it?
Script to convert sIBL sets (or an entire sIBL library) to modo 401 environment presets. sIBL sets can be obtained from the sIBL archive at HDR Labs.
Unzip the archive. In 401, hit Shift-F5 to open the run script dialog and navigate to the unzipped directory. Double click the
Another dialog will pop up, navigate back to the unxipped directory and click OK.
The install script will run and copy the necessary files to your user configs and scripts directory. A dialog will pop up when the installation process has completed.
Restart 401.

Right click on the environment node in the shader tree. You'll see an entry called 'Convert sIBL set(s)'

A dialog will open, navigate to your sIBL library or a single sIBL set and click OK.
A second dialog will open for you to choose the destination directory for the presets. *Note: In windows the directory dialog doesn't allow you to create a new directory from within the dialog (Pet peve of mine!!!) , you'll need to create one in explorer if needed.*
Depending on how many sIBL sets you're converting you may have to twiddle your fingers for a minute. When it's finished the script will pop up a dialog telling you how many set were converted to presets.
Right click on the environment node in the shader tree again, this time choose the 'Preset Browser Pallette' entry.
A preset pallette will open, create a path to wherever you saved the environment presets (if you need to).
Voila, all your sIBL sets available as Environment presets. Just double click to use.
Some notes on usage:

Most sIBL sets define a sun light so one is added as part of the preset with it's position and rotation set to mimic the sun position of the background and lighting images as per the sIBL spec. This means that you'll need to either disable or delete any existing lights. Some of the sIBL sets available on Blochi's site, notably the HDR-VFX Promo Library ones seem to be much brighter than the rest. I've found that setting a value of around 0.25 to 0.33 W/srm2 on the lighting environment brings them down to about the right level.
The environment presets are basically pointers to the image files in the sIBL sets on your hard drive. You should be carefull not to delete or move the sIBL sets once the presets are generated. If you do move the sIBL sets, delete the preset files and re-run the script.
Enjoy :)