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Posted by on 26 February 2008 (GST)
*** Important Requirements for modo 3.0x Windows users: This script require access to python libraries that are not shipped by default with Modo in Windows. You will need to install  a full distribution of Python 2.4.3 (not Python 2.5) such as the one from ActiveState *** 

Zip contains: - goes in user scripts directory
Python Script to collect and consolidate Modo scene assets into a single project directory
Supports collecting image , ies light files and referenced items. Referenced items are merged into the resulting scene file by toggling the state of the 'Merge Referenced Items' in preferences before and after saving the destination file.
Copy it to your user scripts directory, run it using F6 or assign to a hotkey. It will ask you for a destination file and directory to save to.
The script will collect any external image or ies files, copy them to a subdirectory of your destination, re write the paths in the scene file to reflect their new location and finally saves the scene with the output filename.
Thanks should go to Dion for this as it's just a slightly expanded version of his original perl script
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