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Scripting for newbies (by: mcmaurice)
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Welcome to Modonize, the community driven knowledge base for Luxology's Modo. If this is your first visit to the site, please take a moment to review the Terms and Conditions and other information in the 'About' section of the site.
Modonize is a collection of Modo related FAQs, articles, links and other Modo related resources contributed by users of Luxology's Modo in the spirit of 'Knowledge shared is knowledge gained'. The purpose of Modonize is to provide both a centralised repository of Modo related resources and a place where users with knowledge to share but nowhere to share it may easily publish their contributions. 
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News 30 July 2008:
sIBL Browser released for Modo (Windows only for now)

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New Articles
(701) mm_saveLayersAs
Enhanced version of the mm_Layers2LXO script, supports exporting individual mesh layers in multiple formats
(501) mm_SetAsRenderCam
Adds a comand to the camera item context menu in 3D viewports, item list and shader tree that allows you to right click on a camera and set it to be the render camera.
(501) mm_Layer2lxo
Exports mesh layers to individual lxo files.
Adds some extra commands to the context menu in the clips list: 'Open With...', 'Copy to Project Folder', 'Set as Backplate' and 'Display EXIF Data'
(501) mm_WFRender
Sets up a scene for wirframe rendering using modo 501's countour rendering function
New FAQs
How can I create a 'unique' preset browser
How to create a custom preset browser with a 'unique' path like the 'Item' preset browser in modo's Layout tab.
How do I match Modo's camera to Lightwave
Matching Modo's camera settings to those of Lightwave is a subject that's come up a number of times on the Modo forum. Here are the conversions you need to synchronise the two.
What is Sub Division, and what is Tab Doing?
A brief explanation of what modo is doing when you hit Tab.
Material thumbnails are black
Material thumbnails appear as black in the Preset Browser
Install Modo on a USB 'Key' (Windows)
Notes on how to install and run Modo from a USB key or other memory stick device. This is for use under Windows but the basic principle should still be the same for a Mac.